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About Nearsite Health MedTech Community-Powered Learning

About Us

Nearsite Health is powered by a collective of consultants, physical medicine, and sports recovery specialists utilizing the most innovative MedTech.

Together, we teach each other new skills, forge meaningful connections, and help each other better serve clients.

We can learn from everyone's experience and unique perspective. Community and connections are what drive true understanding outcomes for our clients.

Community-powered learning means that there are opportunities within Nearsite to teach others and learn from others.

Why Should Join Us

Why Providers Should Join

The traditional MedTech consultant-to-clinician education process needs to be fixed.

Nearsite is here to repair the relationship it.

Why Aspiring MedTech Sales Consultants Should Join

Nearsite MedTech Sales Consultant bootcamp helps individuals passionate about health jumpstart a career in MedTech by providing a proven hybrid sales framework, connecting them with physical medicine and rehab thought-leaders, and an immersive community-learning atmosphere.

What You Can Expect at 5-Day MedTech Sales Bootcamp

Day 1: What You need to know about medical sales?

Day 2: Power of community building and earn social proof

Day 3: Mastering the Hybrid Sales Process

Day 4: How to develop a business plan and become known in your territory

Day 5: Become an Undeniable Resource

Meet the Founder

Hey I'm Joe Lemon.  My medical sales career began after failing to scale a personal training business and battling burnout; I decided to use my Marketing Degree and get a job in B2B sales. 

After being rejected over and over form the big MedTech companies I found an opening with a German Based distributor in the physical medicine space as their second hire.  

Now 8 years later, the ELvation Medical sales team and I 10x sales revenue have sold the medical device to over 40+ professional teams.

Creating a personal brand has shifted how I sell products and consult with healthcare providers. Instead of hours of cold calls, blind emails and attending trade shows, I've shifted my attention to building communities and hosting peer-to-peer learning experiences that educate HCPs and seek mutual partnerships. 

During this time, I've had the pleasure of working with hundreds of clinicians and helped several of my friends and acquiescences break into the medical device space.  No matter their background 

Connect with me on LinkedIn 

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